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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Hello Arts Lab team members!

Completion of this Mid-Point Reflections Form is mandatory for successful organizational participation in Race Forward's Racial Equity in the Arts Innovation Lab.

Please fill out this form with your Lab team member and submit it as follows:

  • To your coach and your cluster: by 5pm ET on March 16th, 2018
  • To RaceForward via Submittable.com: by 5pm ET on April 15th, 2018
Hopefully, you'll have a chance to receive and incorporate some feedback from your peers and your coach before submitting the form to Race Forward in mid April. Before completing your submission, please review the notes and instructions in detail below.

Instructions and Notes

Story Sharing and Prototype Awards:

As a reminder, this form is a public document that will be shared across all participating organizations in the Lab for story sharing and field learning. Your answers to this form will be:
  • Shared with a smaller, randomized group of Arts Lab participants who will read, review, vote and nominate your organization for Race Forward's Prototype Awards. Prototype Awards of $10,000 each are available to SIX (6) organizations for continued implementation of racial equity work.
  • Compiled into a comprehensive racial equity prototype documentation package (featuring every single reflection form from the Lab) and shared with everyone in the cohort.
This form will serve as your primary prototype documentation, and will be used by your peers for the award nomination process between April 15th - May 1st, 2018. Details on reading, rating, voting and nominating peers will be shared via email soon.

Request for Additional Materials

You are not NOT required/expected to supply additional materials for prototype documentation for the Arts Innovation Lab. This Midpoint Reflections Form will serve as your primary prototype documentation, and will be shared with Lab participants for nomination and voting for Lab awards.

When submitting your finalized Midpoint Reflections Form to Race Forward, you may choose to voluntarily share supplementary materials that explain or capture your progress in prototyping. These materials will be shared with Lab participants to help determine awards nomination and also for story sharing within the Lab cohort, and then discarded after the completion of the program in Summer 2018.

If you’d like to optionally submit ancillary materials, Race Forward recommends that you gather and collate primary materials such as the following by April 15th, 2018:

▢ Notes from conversations

▢ Internal communications about the racial equity process (emails for example)

▢ Notes from interviews with stakeholders or team/staff members

▢ Compiled or annotated coaching reflections worksheets

▢ Recordings (webinars, events, internal professional development conversations)

▢ Any digital materials that supported your prototype - (for example, syllabi, curricula, advertisements, flyers, images etc)

Additional Resources for Reflection Form

*For Q1: In describing your organizational prototype, please be concise, clear and race-explicit. Here are two examples for your reference that indicate what we’re looking for:

“Race Forward’s prototype is creating a protocols document or an ‘equity prime’ that asks questions about the racial impacts of our organizational budgeting decisions. We’ll test out the equity prime in our productions, curations, exhibits, rentals and operations teams and capture our lessons and challenges.”

“Race Forward’s prototype is to explore the impacts and results of initiating at least 12 discrete race-explicit conversations - in person and digitally - with our Executive Leadership, Board and staff in order to assess the comfort, readiness and willingness of our team to normalize conversations on race and shift our organizational culture.”

*For Q3. For desired racial equity impacts for your prototype, please be specific and race-explicit. For examples of organizational impacts, revisit Race Forward’s resource here.

If you have any questions, please contact your coach or email us at artslab@raceforward.org

Thank you, and good luck on your Midpoint Reflections Form!
The Arts Lab Team (Nayantara, Malcolm and Nikko)